Miriam Therese Winter

WLI Program Components

Women's Leadership Institute

A program in applied spirituality

WLI meets once a month from September through May. Seminars take place on Friday evening and on Saturday moring and afternoon. Participants will hone leadership skills rooted in a feminist perspective that is justice-based, globally oriented, attentive to diversity, and ritually expressed.


2015-2016 Academic Year

September 25-26 Fri-Sat
October 23-24 Fri-Sat
November 20-21
December 18-19 Fri-Sat
January 22-23 Fri-Sat
February 19-20 Fri-Sat
March 18-19
April 15-16 Fri-Sat
May 6-7 Fri-Sat

2016-2017 Academic Year

September 23-24 Fri-Sat
October 21-22 Fri-Sat
November 18-19
December 16-17 Fri-Sat
January 27-28 Fri-Sat
February 24-25 Fri-Sat
March 24-25
April 21-22 Fri-Sat
May 5-6 Fri-Sat