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Hartford Seminary

International Peacemaking Program

“[Hartford Seminary] challenged me intellectually…It was my first introduction to non-violence.”

young[1]The Rev. Dr. Andrew Young, former UN Ambassador and Hartford Seminary graduate.

Hartford Seminary began the International Peacemaking Program (IPP) in 2004, recognizing the need for skilled peacemakers in many countries with which the Seminary has connections, as well as the unique leadership training that could be provided here.

The IPP is for Christians, Muslims or Jews who live in overseas areas where there is interreligious conflict. Students in the International Peacemaking Program spend an academic year studying interfaith dialogue and leadership skills that also includes an emphasis on public engagement and public speaking skills. In addition to their formal studies, students are embedded in a local faith community where they experience American religious culture firsthand.


“The experience I had at Hartford Seminary will stay forever. Not only did I get my degree but I now speak in a different tongue. Coming to Hartford…I lacked the vocabulary of interfaith dialogue, religious issues and theology. Hartford Seminary put those words in my mouth and now I come back home with more than what I came with. Thank you for the opportunity for me to learn, experience and share.”

helena[1]Helena Rijoly, International Peacemaking Program student from Indonesia.

Upon completion of the required 18 credits (6 full courses), IPP students receive a Graduate Certificate in either Interfaith Dialogue or Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations. The program is to be completed within one academic year of full time study, and a scholarship covering tuition, books, travel and housing is provided during this year. It is expected that the student return home after this one year to put their new skills and knowledge into practice.


The following is a sampling of courses students might take during their year at the Seminary:

  • Dialogue in a World of Difference
  • Building Abrahamic Partnerships
  • Religion, Conflict and Peacemaking
  • Comparative Religious Ethics
  • Global Ethics
  • Introduction to World Religions
  • Religion and Modernity: Christianity and Islam
  • Interfaith Leadership Seminar
  • Information regarding applying to this program.

    Document on scholarship information.

    For more information, contact Jonathan Lee, IPP Coordinator at jlee@hartsem.edu or (860) 509-9556.

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