The “Introducing Transformative Spirituality” event scheduled for Monday, Feb. 8, will be postponed until Monday, Feb. 22.
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Hartford Seminary

Maidservants of Allah: The Spirituality of Muslim Women (WS-630)

In this class we will explore the spirituality of Muslim women past and present. We will begin with a study of the lives of female companions of the Prophet Muhammad. How did their concerns and perspectives affect the process of revelation and the spiritual development of the early Muslim community? Over the centuries, what roles did women play in the establishment of religious institutions and spiritual orders? What challenges have Muslim women faced in fulfilling their spiritual needs? What forms does female spiritual leadership take across diverse Muslim societies and cultures? Wise scholars, Medieval saints and contemporary Qur’an reciters will be our guests in chronicles and in person as we share in the spirituality of Muslim women.

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Summer 2016

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