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Readings In Islamic Law (SC-643)

This course will cover the Fiqh of Worship with a focus on its major topics of ritual purity, prayer, and fasting. Fiqh or Muslim Ritual Law is an essential element of Islamic practice, history, and scholastic tradition. Its application has permeated Muslim culture from past to present and the copious works written by a rich tradition of Islamic legal scholars have played a defining role in the course of the Muslim scholastic tradition, which was a foundational element of Islamic Civilization. For this reason, the study of fiqh is both enriching from an academic perspective which seeks to understand the basis from which Islamic societies derived their understandings of the role of the divine in daily practice, as well as from a practical perspective for students enrolled in the Islamic Chaplaincy program.

How does a prison chaplain negotiate the concern of inmates whose movements are limited, regarding the ritual bath preceding the Friday prayer? Does it have to be performed directly before the prayer or can it be performed any time on the day of Friday, which begins according to the Muslim lunar calendar Thursday evening? Can an inmate who missed the opportunity to perform the Friday ghusl still participate in the Friday prayer? If one is a hospital chaplain and a patient is reluctant to take an IV due to their concern over breaking the Ramadan fast, how would a Muslim hospital chaplain answer questions of such a patient regarding this matter? Do intravenous therapies and injections break the fast according Muslim ritual law? What are the integrals of the Friday Prayer, Funeral Prayer, or Eid Prayer a university chaplain will often be responsible for establishing on their campus? These are among the types of questions that are answered through a proficiency in the essentials of the Fiqh of Worship covered in this course.

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Feryal Salem


Fall 2016

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