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Hartford Seminary

Disability Services

Students with disabilities who wish to receive accommodations must contact the Student Services Coordinator. Students with disabilities are eligible for disability support services when they are enrolled in courses and they have disclosed their disability and requested related accommodations during enrollment and/or before the start of each semester. Please use the following form when requesting disability accommodations.

Request for Disability Accommodations

It is Hartford Seminary policy to provide reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis, which may mean working with outside social and governmental agencies to provide the necessary range of services for student success.

For any questions on disability services, please contact Melissa O’Brien, the Student Services Coordinator at (860) 509-9535 or by email.

Information for Those with Special Challenges

Upon request, arrangements may be made for a staff person to open the entrance door for the arrival and departure of a mobility impaired student.

Accessible Entrances

77 Sherman Street: main entrance
76 Sherman Street: front entrance
80 Sherman Street: rear entrance
60 Lorraine Street: rear entrance

Accessible Classrooms/Meeting Areas

77 Sherman: Chapel; Classrooms 205 and 206; Meeting Room (including 2nd floor balcony); Student Lounge
76 Sherman: Conference Room; Living Room
80 Sherman: Living Room
60 Lorraine: Classrooms

Accessible Kitchen Areas

77 Sherman: on first floor (some maneuverability in a wheelchair may be restricted)
80 Sherman: on first floor
60 Lorraine: in the northeast corner of the building next to the student lounge

Accessible Lavatories

77 Sherman: on first floor
76 Sherman: on first floor
80 Sherman: on first floor

Accessible Parking

77 Sherman: adjacent to the sidewalk
76 Sherman: at side rear of building
80 Sherman: at rear of building
60 Lorraine: at rear of building

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