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Hartford Seminary offers all students the services of a Writing Consultant. The Writing Consultant is available to help students improve their command of written English, to help organize essays and research papers, and to help follow the rules for footnotes and bibliography. Please note that the additional requirements set by professors and particular programs must be followed.

We are pleased to have two writing consultants available, Jean Blanning and Emily Holcombe. Their contact information is found below.

LEAD TIME: There is a required amount of lead time to use the Writing Consultants. These requirements allow the Writing Consultants to organize their time and serve students in a timely and efficient manner.

Lead times are as follows:

  • Reflection paper (1-3 pages): 2 days
    Submit to Writing Consultant at least 5 days before paper is due.
  • Book Review (5-7 pages): 3-5 days
    Submit to Writing Consultant at least 8 days before paper is due.
  • Research paper (10-12 pages): 10 days
    Submit to Writing Consultant at least 14 days before paper is due.

The above schedules mean that the Writing Consultant will return a paper to you after the stated number of days. For example, if you submit a Book Review of 5-7 pages to her, she will be able to meet with you to go over the review within 3 to 5 days. If you submit a research paper, you will meet with her after 10 days. Once you get your review from the Writing Consultant, you will then have time to put the editing suggestions into your paper. Please give yourself and our Consultant adequate time to go over your work.

IMPORTANT: If you do not submit your paper to the Writing Consultant with the proper lead time, she is not obligated to provide the writing service.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the Consultant’s services, but please remain respectful of these guidelines. We ask that you be on time for your appointments.

Our Consultants are:

Emily Holcombe

Phone: (860) 521-1315 or (860) 707-4585.
e-mail: Eghnewmoon@aol.com

If you want to e-mail Emily, please allow 24 hours for a response.

The procedures to help you with assignments are as follows:

  • Appointments may be made by phone or e-mail
  • Emily prefers to receive your papers by e-mail or mail before appointments.
  • Every student must have the Hartford Seminary General Guidelines for a Research Paper, found at the top of this page.
  • Emily is available to review your paper twice – once to help you identify changes that need to be made, and once to fine-tune your document. Please leave enough time in between your initial meeting and the due date of your paper for the editing process. If there is not enough time, then only one review will be possible.
  • Emily is available by appointment only.

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