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Miriam Therese Winter

Medical Mission Sister, Professor of Liturgy, Worship, Spirituality and Feminist Studies


Paradoxology: Spirituality in a Quantum UniverseParadoxology: Spirituality in a Quantum Universe (2009)
Orbis Books, 2009. paperback. 190 pages. $20.00

Any library strong in spirituality will relish PARADOXOLOGY: SPIRITUALITY IN A QUANTUM UNIVERSE. It comes from a Medical Mission Sister and professor who considers how the 'quantum spirit' is manifested, and how it fits into a Christian belief system about God. Spirituality libraries strong in philosophy will find it a revealing survey.




eucharist with a small e

eucharist with a Small "e"

Orbis Books, 2005. paperback. 158 pages. $15.00


Imagine a spirituality rooted in doing what Jesus did, writes the author, one that adds a sacramental dimension to our everyday lives. Miriam Therese Winter opens our eyes to a new way of following Christ. eucharist with a small e , like the sacrament itself, was modeled by Jesus and manifests what Jesus is about. It empowers us to continue what Jesus began, to identify with those who are hungry and thirsty, are sick or in prison, and to fill their needs on the spot where we re standing because, in truth, we are all one




Out of the Depths: The Story of Ludmila Javorava


Out of the Depths
The Story of Ludmila Javorova
Ordained Roman Catholic Priest

Crossroad, 2001. Hardcover. 260 pages. $19.95


In the midst of communism, and the persecution of Christians in Eastern Europe,the life of Ludmila Javorova stands out in beauty and humility. Called to the sacrament of priesthood she, a woman,
became a prophet to the Catholic Church at the threshold of a new millennium.



The Singer and the Song: An Autobiography of the Spirit

The Singer and the Song.
An Autobiography of the Spirit.

Orbis Books, 1999. paperback. 180 pages. $15.00

A Spiritual Book Associates selection for October 1999


Each chapter is like a short story, complete in itself but revealing new aspects of the author’s life and vision. Each one begins with a personal experience and segues into a spiritual lesson that will resonate in your mind and heart. You will come to know Miriam Therese Winter as a friend and in the process understand more about your own life and the purpose that God has for you.




Songlines: Hymns, Songs, Rounds, and Refrains for Prayer and Praise


Songlines. Hymns, Songs, Rounds, and Refrains for Prayer and Praise

The Crossroad Publishing Company, 1996. 240 pages.$12.00


This special collection of selected hymn texts and songs, vintage and new, weave together the artist separate personae known to others through three distinct repertoires.




The Chronicles of Noah and Her Sisters. Genesis and Exodus According to Women

The Chronicles of Noah and Her Sisters. Genesis and Exodus According to Women

Crossroad Classic, 1995. paperback. 160 pages. $12.95


Catholic Press Association Second Place Award for Books on Gender Studies: 1996


If Genesis and Exodus had been written by a woman, what would they be like? Re-imagined from a woman’s perspective,these familiar events delight the imagination and stir the soul in refreshing new ways. Miriam Therese Winter retells our ancient myths of Creation, the Garden, and the Flood, and chronicles the adventures of the remarkable women of Genesis and Exodus. Wonderful spiritual reading. A must for all who are concerned about handing on the essentials of faith to their daughters and granddaughters.




Defecting in Place: Women Claiming Responsibility for Their Own Spiritual Lives

Defecting in Place. Women Claiming Responsibility for Their Own Spiritual Lives*

Co-authored with Adair Lummis, Allison Stokes

The Crossroad Publishing Company, 1995. 312 pages. $15.95

Catholic Press Association Second Place Award for Books on Gender Studies: 1995


This extremely valuable study containing many quotations and data from a survey of more than 7,000 women, documents the growing grassroots nature of feminist spirituality.



The Gospel According to Mary

The Gospel According to Mary. A New Testament for Women

Crossroad, 1993. paperback. 143 pages. $12.00


Imagine that archaeologists discovered a first-century gospel written by a woman. What would it be like? What would it say about women, about Jesus, about tradition and church?
The Gospel According to Mary
responds to these questions in ways that are familiar but fresh, reverent but new. It is essentially the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of women. A work of imagination, inspiration, and intuition, it weaves together fact and feeling to provide a spiritual vision for women and men.





All the Women of the Bible


WomenWisdom. WomenWitness. A Feminist Lectionary/Psalter. Women of the Hebrew ScripturesWomanSong















Women of the Hebrew Scriptures Part One

Crossroad, 1991. 368 pages. $19.95
Catholic Press Association First Place Award for Books on Liturgy: 1992


Women of the Hebrew Scriptures Part Two

Crossroad, 1992. 372 pages. $19.95
Catholic Press Association First Place Award for Books on Liturgy: 1993



Women of the New Testament

Crossroad, 1990. 320 pages. $19.95.


Website special: all three volumes for $50


WomanWisdom, WomanWitness, andWomanWord
comprise three volumes of one comprehensive work featuring all the women of the Bible. The trilogy's 1,000-plus pages recover the lost lives of the women of ancient traditions and celebrate their faith-full witness in the context of ritual prayer.
An invaluable resource for liturgy and spirituality for women and children and men.



The Gospel According to Mary

WomanPrayer WomanSong

Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2008. paperback. 254 pages. $20.00


This exciting book addresses the urgent need for ritual which incorporates women's experience. Feminine biblical images of God are recovered.



Why Sing? Toward a Theology of Catholic Church MusicWhy Sing?
Toward a Theology of Catholic Church Music

The Pastoral Press, 1984. paperback. 346 pages. $11.95


Miriam Therese Winter's Ph.D. dissertation at Princeton Theological Seminary, published in 1984, is one of the early studies of a theology of Catholic Church music and has contributed to subsequent explorations in this area. The book's contents include the following chapters and over 2100 titles in its select bibliography.








Resources for Prayer and Praise

Abingdon Press, 1979. paperback. 112 pages. $6.95


At every turn, God with us. We are inescapably linked to the eternal in every encounter. Express this abiding presence in worship through these resources for life's turning points. Poetry, prose, prayer, and celebratory song help everyone to praise God in the mainstream of life and to embrace life's changing rhythms.

Beginnings Turning Points Returning


Bittersweet moments bedrock promises that accompany pivotal human events have a whole lot to teach us about ourselves and about God's loving, liberating word



Preparing the Way of the Lord


Preparing the Way of the Lord
Abingdon Press, 1978. paperback. 256 pages. $6.95


Miriam Therese Winter’s first book on contemporary worship combines solid academic insight with practical how-to’s to help the inexperienced assume leadership roles in community worship. It was designed as an aid to those concerned about the quality of their community







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