Miriam Therese Winter

WLI Program Components

Women's Leadership Institute

A program in applied spirituality

Core Curriculum

The Women's Leadership Institute (WLI) is an experience based program committed to developing an embodied spirituality grounded in the very real world of our personal and public lives.

Core Curriculum
During nine weekend seminars that meet monthly from September through May, participants strengthen leadership skills rooted in a feminist perspective that is justice-based, globally oriented, attentive to diversity, and ritually expressed. Essential elements of the program are:

• completion of the nine core seminars
• a cross-cultural experience
• project in leadership
• enrollment in an additional Seminary course

The curriculum, which includes selected readings, presents a feminist perspective of scripture, theology, psychology, spirituality, ritual, and leadership. A guided analysis of academic content and reflection on life experience emphasize integration and practical application. Discussion, storytelling, and the shared leadership of community prayer take place within the larger circle and in smaller wisdom circles.