Miriam Therese Winter

WLI Program Components

Women's Leadership Institute

A program in applied spirituality

Enrollment Options


The enrollment process begins with the applicant contacting Miriam Therese Winter or Tina Demo via email. Next, the applicant will fill out and return the WLI enrollment forms found here. Accepted applicants will receive a letter in the mail notifying them of their status.






The above forms may be printed and completed by hand or electronically within a PDF editor. A recent version of Adobe Acrobat is required. Completed forms are to be mailed, hand-delivered, or emailed to:


Miriam Therese Winter
Hartford Seminary
77 Sherman Ave
Hartford, CT 06105




There are two enrollment options: non-credit and credit. Prerequisite for receiving six graduate credits for WLI and three graduate credits for the additional Seminary course is a baccalaureate degree or its educational equivalent. All graduates of the program receive a WLI certificate. Receipt of graduate credit is contingent upon the successful completion of course-for-credit requirements. Graduate credits acquired through WLI may be applied toward the Seminary's Graduate Certificate in Spirituality and/or Master of Arts Degree.


There are no academic prerequisites for admission to the program for the basic enrollment option. Graduate credit options require a baccalaureate degree (or its educational equivalent). Required of all participants are an openness to a feminist perspective in religion and society and a willingness to honor diverse points of view. The admission process requires completion of an application form, payment of the $40 application fee, and an interview with a member of the WLI team.


The cost of the Women's Leadership Institute is $1,500 (tuition) for the non-credit option plus $100 (hospitality assessment). Additional tuition is required for graduate credit. Limited financial aid is available for those who would otherwise be unable to participate. There is also a graduation fee of $65.