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Miriam Therese Winter

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Details on Permission for use

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The Medical Mission Sisters' policy for use of the music to which they hold the copyright is rooted in the understanding that the songs were given by the Spirit to be sung.

Automatic permission for one-time use


Therefore, permission is automatically granted for one-time use in context of community prayer where no participation fee has been charged.


On such occasions, the words and music of a song may be reproduced in a church bulletin or program leaflet on condition that printed copies contain the name of the author of the song and the appropriate copyright notice as it appears on the published music.


One time use is understood to mean that the song may be sung more than once, but not of a regular basis.


Written permission for ongoing use


To use a song on an ongoing basis and/or to include a song or songs in a parish or congregational hymnal, or in a book to be published, or at a public event at which participation fees are charged, a more formal permission is required. For such a permission, contact the Medical Mission Sisters in one of the following ways:


by Mail: 77 Sherman Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2260
by e-mail: mms@hartsem.edu
by fax: 860-509-9509
by phone: 860-233-0875


Permission will be given verbally (if a deadline is at hand) or in written form. No fee is charged, but you will be invited, if you are able, to make a donation (any amount) to the worldwide healing mission and ministries of the Medical Mission Sisters.