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President’s Greeting

Hadsell[1]At Hartford Seminary, we model innovative theological and religious education that is contextual, dialogical, and interfaith and is focused on cultivating the leadership potential of our diverse student body.

Here at Hartford Seminary we believe that hospitality to, and interest in, the beliefs and worldview of the other are central to the Christian faith. We have discovered that encounter and relationship with the other may in surprising ways change the self, deepening one’s understanding of one’s own faith. We do not expect or even seek always to agree with the other; our purpose is, rather, inquiry and dialogue.

It is a part of our mission at Hartford Seminary as well as our great privilege to be able to play this important public role. Given the troubled times we live in today, the participation and leadership of Hartford Seminary in widening and increasingly urgent conversations is an institutional responsibility.

Today Hartford Seminary is focusing on expanding its interfaith work, social and religious research and educational programs to prepare leaders, students, scholars and religious institutions to thrive in our multi-faith and pluralistic world. Our commitment to education that integrates the many dimensions of human experience makes the Seminary a place for those seeking a combination of academic excellence and practical experience.

Recently we adjusted our Master of Arts degree to reflect our new direction, by including a core course on dialogue in a world of difference and expanding our core areas of study to five: Sacred Scripture, Theology and Ethics, Liturgy, Worship and Spirituality, Religion and Society, and History. Students also will take one course in a faith tradition other than their own.

Our goal is to provide an education that enables graduates both to understand themselves and their faith traditions better and to be able to contribute more fully to a culture of dialogue and creative leadership in our civic and faith communities.

Check us out. Hartford Seminary could be the place for you.

Heidi Hadsell



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