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Hartford Seminary Corporators are the school’s ambassadors to communities far and wide: friends and alumni who know and believe in the mission of the Seminary and share that enthusiasm with others, raising awareness and inviting participation. Corporators also play another essential role, as they are responsible for electing new Seminary Trustees at the Annual Meeting of the Corporators each spring.

Samsiah Abdul-Majid
Kamal Ali
Saud Anwar
LeRoy Bailey Jr.
Donna Berman
John A. Berman
Shelley D. Best
Judith Borus
James M. Boucher
Courtney Bourns
Harold C. Buckingham Jr.
G. Scott Cady
Thomas G. Carr
Ed A. Charlebois
Sajjad B. Chowdhry
Joseph Colletti
Mally B. Cox-Chapman
Carole C. Fay
Bridget Fidler
Shawn Fisher
James T. Fleming
Jerry Franklin
Karl A. Fransson
James P. Friedman
Harriet H. Gardner
Arnold C. Greenberg
Jay-Seth Guberman
Rashid Hamid
Walter L. Harrison
Katherine Heichler
Alyce F. Hild
Robert B. Hoffman
Molly F. James
S. Edward Jeter
Christine Joyner
Kay W. Kellogg
Colleen M. Keyes
Kimat G. Khatak
Molly O. Louden
B. Patrick Madden
Merritt McDonough Jr.
Hugh McLean
Kate McLean
Nitza M. Nieves
Sulayman S. Nyang
Erline M. Patrick
Judith Perkins
Craig Phillips
Syed Raza
Marc A. Reich
Ezra H. Ripple
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Pilar Schmidt
John L. Selders
Mark S. Steiner
Sohaib N. Sultan
Joe M. Tobin Jr.
Ritu Zazzaro

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