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Fall 2002

Doctor of Ministry

Colleague Seminar I, DM-710-9, Nancy Ammerman & Scott Thumma

Colleague Seminar II, DM-720-9, Kelton Cobb

D.Min. Ministry Project Colloquium, DM-795-9, F. Maner Tyson

Master of Arts

Reading Classics of Christian Spirituality, WS-510-2
Jack Ammerman

Comparative Religious Ethics and Dialogical Theology Within a Hindu-Christian Framework, ET-665-2, K.P. Aleaz

Hebrew Bible Survey II, SC-520-1, Cleotha Robertson

New Testament Survey, SC-531-1, Efrain Agosto

New Testament Tensions and Contemporary Ministry, SC-665-1, Efrain Agosto

Emerging Voices in Theology, TH-535-2, Donna Berman

Are We All Bound for Heaven?: Christian Theology and Other Religions, TH-635-2, Ian Markham

Spirituality 2002, WS-687-2, Miriam Therese Winter

Drumming and Worship, WS-562-2, Jan Gregory

Women's Leadership Institute I, WS-551-2, Miriam Therese Winter

Community Conflict Transformation and Spiritual Ministry, AM-675-3, Margaret Steinegger-Keyser

Understanding Islam:  Rumor and Reality, IS-515-4
Ibrahim Ozdemir

Islamic History I, IS-624-4, Ingrid Mattson

Introduction to Arabic, Part I, LG-597-0, Steven Blackburn

Intermediate Arabic Part I, LG-650-0, Steven Blackburn

Intro. to New Testament Greek, Part I, LG-561-0, Donald Larsen

Ministry Seminar, MA-525-9, Alan McLean

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