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Fall 2005 Course Websites & Syllabi

Visit the following web pages for information on course meeting dates, faculty, and the syllabus.

The Art of Preaching (AM-575) with Benjamin K. Watts

Counseling American Muslim Families (AM-651) with  Ahmed Nezar Kobeisy

D.Min. Colleague Seminar I  (DM-710)  with Cynthia A. Woolever

D.Min. Colleague Seminar II  (DM-720) with Kelton Cobb

Ministry Project Colloquium  (DM-795 – NON-CREDIT)  with F. Maner Tyson, Facilitator, and Pastor, Waterbury Baptist Church

Global Ethics (ET-630) with Heidi Hadsell

Introduction to World Religions (HI-530) with  Jane I. Smith

Islamic History I (HI-624) with Ibrahim Abu-Rabi

Islam in Contemporary Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan (HI-635) with Ibrahim Abu-Rabi

Introduction to New Testament Greek, Part I (LG-561) with Doreen McFarlane

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew, Part I (LG-572) with Levana Polate

Introduction to Arabic, Part I (LG-597) with Steven Blackburn

Intermediate Arabic, Part I (LG-650) with Steven Blackburn

Dialogue in a World of Difference (MA-530) with David A. Roozen, Professor of Religion and Society; and Jane I. Smith

Religion as a Social Phenomenon: The Sociology of Religion  (RS-536) with Grace Davie

Varieties of Gay and Lesbian Religious Life in the U.S. (RS-638) with Edward R. Gray 

Contemporary American Religion (RS-667)  with Scott Thumma

Hebrew Bible Survey I (SC-519) with Uriah Kim

A Political Reading of Paul’s Letters (SC-647) with Efrain Agosto

Faces of Jesus: Christology from the New Testament to the 21st Century (SC-655) with Wayne Rollins

Christian Theology: An Historical Introduction (TH-650) with Ian Markham

Religion, Conflict and Peacemaking (TH-648) with Yehezkel Landau 

Major Religious Figures: Paul Tillich (TH-676) with Kelton Cobb

Women’s Leadership and Spirituality (WS-553) with Miriam Therese Winter

Spirituality 2005: Celebrating Eucharist with a Small “e” (WS-661) with Miriam Therese Winter

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