Academic Programs 

Spirituality 2005: Celebrating Eucharist with a Small “e”  (WS-661)
  Fall 2005

Join a circle of wisdom gathered for dialogue and prayer and learn to see how your life can be a source of grace, a wellspring of blessing, a resource for giving thanks and praise.     


Meeting Day, Time and Dates: 
Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., beginning September 14 (10 weeks)  

Miriam Therese Winter
Professor of Liturgy, Worship and Spirituality and Director, Women’s Leadership Institute

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9558


Course Syllabus


The primary goals of this course are:

  • to become familiar with a small “e” eucharist tradition embedded in Christianity

  • to encounter this alternative tradition at the heart of the life and mission of Jesus and to see it reflected in our daily lives and throughout our universe

  • to learn how to celebrate eucharist with a small “e” personally and collectively

The primary outcomes of this course are:

  • a clear understanding of what eucharist with a small “e” is and how it can enrich, even transform, our lives

  • experience in celebrating eucharist with a small “e” inside and outside of class

  • an ability to introduce others to a eucharistic aspect of everyday life


General Expectations

Those taking the course for credit are expected to:

  • read all the books and articles on the course reading list

  • participate fully in class discussions and activities

  • help prepare a small “e” eucharist and mandala for one of the class sessions

  • design, celebrate, and evaluate a small “e” eucharist outside of the class

  • complete and submit the self-assessment Grade Sheet and information form

Those auditing the course are expected to:

  • participate in class discussions and activities

  • read as much as you are able to manage


On the day that grades are due, students taking the course for credit must submit to the instructor either a Grade Sheet or a signed Incomplete Form (available online or from the registrar).

Grades are due January 9, 2006


Whatever nurtures and nourishes faith,  
or the ever resilient wellsprings of hope,  
or gives rise to the manifold facets of love  
is essentially eucharist.

Miriam Therese Winter / eucharist with a small “e”  



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Small “e” eucharist rituals,  
whether brief or more extended,  
form us and transform us,  
so that eventually our spirit,  
the spirit of Jesus,  
and the spirit of God  
within every facet of God’s creation  
are really and truly one.

Miriam Therese Winter / eucharist with a small “e”

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