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Research Methodology and Scholarly Development I    (PHD-700)
Fall 2006

This year long course will provide students with the tools for doctoral level research and opportunities for collegial interaction. The following topics will be included: a) Introduction to Research Skills; b) Using a Library Effectively; c) Logical Thinking; d) Quantitative and Qualitative Data; e) Writing Articles, Book Proposals, and Reviews; f) Developing a Career in Scholarship; and g) Theories of Religious Studies.



Meeting Day, Time and Dates:
Tuesdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., beginning September 12


Ibrahim Abu-Rabi’
Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9500

Ian Markham
Professor of Theology and Ethics

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9500

This syllabus is not yet available.

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