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Hebrew Bible Survey II   (SC-520)   
Fall 2006

An introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures, this course will apply historical-critical methods of study to develop a framework for understanding the origins of the texts and the relationship of the texts to one another. Attention will be given to contemporary theories of biblical interpretation. We will examine the prophetic corpus, poetry wisdom and the rest of “the writings” in the Hebrew Bible. (This is the last time this course will be taught.  The course series of Hebrew Bible Survey I and Hebrew Bible Survey II has been replaced with Introduction to Hebrew Bible.)


Meeting Day, Time and Dates:

Mondays from 7 p.m. to 9:20 p.m., beginning September 18

Uriah Kim
Professor of Hebrew Bible

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9564


Course Syllabus

Course Objectives

1. Through this course students will become more familiar with the content of the Prophets and the Writings.
2. Students will have greater understanding of the historical and socio–political context in which the Hebrew Bible emerged.
3. To engage various methods of interpretation in biblical studies and various communities around the world who are doing the interpretation.

Requirements & Grades:

1. Students are expected to attend all class sessions and to participate actively in class (20% toward the final grade).
2. Students are required to write two short reflection papers (2-3 pages in length). The professor will pass out the questions on September 25 and October 30. The papers are due October 2 and November 6 respectively. Each paper is worth 20% toward the final grade.
3. Students are required to write a sermon or a bible study based on their reflection on biblical text, biblical scholarship, and their context. It should be between 8 to 10 pages in length, and is due December 18. It is worth 40% toward the final grade.

Required Books (Available for purchase at the Seminary Bookstore and on reserve in the Seminary Library)

• Joseph Blenkinsopp, A History of Prophecy in Israel (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1996)
• James L. Crenshaw, The Psalms: An Introduction (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans, 2001)
• Abraham Heschel, The Prophets (New York: Harper & Row, 1962)
• Roland E. Murphy, The Tree of Life: An Exploration of Biblical Wisdom Literature (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans, 2002)

Recommended Books (On reserve in the Seminary Library and/or available for purchase at the Seminary Bookstore)

• John J. Collins, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2004)
• Daniel Patte et al., eds., Global Bible Commentary (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2004)


Class Schedule

1. September 18 Introduction to the Prophets

Reading Assignment
• Blenkinsopp, pp. 1-39
• Heschel, pp. xiii-26

2. September 25 The Eighth-century Prophets of Israel: Amos and Hosea

Reading Assignment
• Amos and Hosea
• Blenkinsopp, pp. 65-90
• Heschel, pp. 27-60

3. October 2 The Eighth-century Prophets of Judah: Isaiah and Micah

Pass out the questions for the reflection paper #1

Reading Assignment
• Isaiah 1-39 and Micah
• Blenkinsopp, pp. 91-110
• Heschel, pp. 61-102

4. October 9 The Seventh-century Prophets of Judah: Jeremiah

The reflection paper #1 due

Reading Assignment
• Jeremiah
• Blenkinsopp, pp. 111-121, 129-147
• Heschel, pp. 103-139

5. October 16 The Exilic Prophets: Ezekiel and Deutero-Isaiah

Reading Assignment
• Ezekiel and Isaiah 40-55
• Blenkinsopp, pp. 148-193
• Heschel, pp. 145-158

6. October 23 The Postexilic Prophets

Reading Assignment
• Isaiah 56-66; Zechariah; Malachi
• Blenkinsopp, pp. 194-239
• Collins, pp. 401-424

7. October 30 Daniel and Apocalyptic Literature

Reading Assignment
• Daniel
• Collins, pp. 553-580
• Patte, pp. 253-261

8. November 6 Wisdom Tradition: Proverbs

Pass out the questions for the reflection paper #2
Reading Assignment
• Proverbs
• Murphy, pp. 1-32
• Patte, pp. 163-174

9. November 13 Wisdom Tradition: Job and Qohelet (Ecclesiastes)

The reflection paper #2 due
Reading Assignment
• Job and Qohelet (Ecclesiastes)
• Murphy, pp. 33-64
• Patte, pp. 141-150, 175-179

10. November 20 No Class; Reading Week

11. November 27 The Chronicler’s History

• Collins, pp. 427-460
• Patte, pp. 119-134

12. December 4 Ruth and Esther

Reading Assignment
• Ruth and Esther
• Collins, pp. 529-551
• Patte, pp. 86-91, 135-140

13. December 11 Song of Israel: Psalms

Reading Assignment

• Collins, pp. 461-486
• Crenshaw, pp. 1-52

14. December 18 Songs of Israel: Psalms

Reading Assignment

• Pslams 24, 71, 73, and 115
• Crenshaw, pp. 109-169


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