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A Dialogue Between the United States and Cuba: Religion, Economics, Ecology & Human Rights     (TH-620-2)     
Winter/Spring 2003

Aware of the critical importance of engaged and educated citizens in our interdependent global community, Plowshares Institute, in conjunction with Hartford Seminary, is sponsoring a travel seminar to Cuba.  Participants will study relations between the United States and Cuba and give special attention to issues of religion, economics, ecology, and human rights.  The seminar is made possible by invitations from Cuban religious, civic, academic, business, and political leaders.  The cost for the trip (room, board, and airfare from Miami) is $2,500. The cost for those taking it for three academic credits is $3,010.

Location:  This course is a travel seminar from March 18 through March 27, 2003

Professor Heidi Hadsell

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(860) 509-9502

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