Academic Programs 

Intermediate Arabic  (LG-651)   
Winter/Spring 2004

A continuation of LG-650 Intermediate Arabic, Part I. Prerequisite:  LG-650 or permission of the instructor.  


Meeting Day, Time and Dates: 
Thursdays from 4:30-6:50 p.m.
Steve Blackburn
Faculty Associate in Semitic Scriptures and Library Director

Contact Information:

(860) 509-9561 
Dr. Blackburn's web page


Course Syllabus

Textbook:      An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic by W. M. Thackston

Dictionaries:  A Dictionary and Glossary of the Kor-an by John Penrice OR
A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic (Wehr), edited by J M. Cowan


This semester represents a continuation of last fall’s LG-650.  Remember:  When learning a language, it is better to work a little each day than to cram on weekends or over large chunks of time.  In other words, an hour each day of review and preparation during the week is to be preferred over spending the entirety of a Saturday or Sunday trying to catch-up.

It is also better to use your out-of-class time to work on material that has already been presented in class, rather than to “work ahead”.  Working ahead risks internalizing faulty linguistic input, since this is NOT a “teach yourself” course.


January 30                    review of Lesson 10

February 6                    Exam on Lessons 9 and 10; vocabulary quiz Lesson 11

February 13                  complete Lesson 11

February 20                  vocabulary quiz Lesson 12

February  27                 vocabulary quiz Lesson 13

March 5                       complete Lessons 12 and 13

March 12                     Exam on Lessons 11-13; vocabulary quiz Lesson 14

March 19                     complete Lesson 14

March 26                     vocabulary quiz Lesson 15

April 2                         vocabulary quiz Lesson 16

April 9                         SEMINARY CLOSED (Good Friday)

April 16                       complete Lesson 16; vocabulary quiz 17

April 23                       complete Lesson 17

April 30                       Exam on Lessons 14-17


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