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  Introduction to New Testament Greek, Part II   (LG-562)
Winter/Spring 2005

Continuation of Introduction to New Testament Greek, Part I. Prerequisite: LG-562 or permission of the instructor.  


Meeting Day, Time and Dates: 
Thursdays 4:30-6:50 p.m. beginning January 27

Doreen McFarlane
Adjunct Professor of New Testament Greek

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9500


Course Syllabus


The Aim of the Course

The focus of this continuing introductory course is on the basic grammar and vocabulary of New Testament Greek. The goal is to complete the assigned textbook, Essentials of New Testament Greek, Revised, by Ray Summers, revised by Thomas Sawyer,  and to begin reading selected passages of the New Testament.

Course Requirements

1. It is strongly recommended that those who take this course have either taken Introduction to Greek Part I or have some preliminary knowledge of Biblical Greek.

If you are not sure about your readiness for this course, you may contact Dr. McFarlane by telephone or email, (see above). 

2. Class presence and participation. (In language study, missing even one class could make catching up extremely difficult.)

3. Weekly memorization and quizzes.

4. Weekly translation assignments.

5. Two exams: one on Week Seven (March 10th) and one at final class (April 28th).  


Assessment Criteria

Work will be graded according to the Hartford Seminary Grading Guidelines. These will be distributed to students at the beginning of the semester.

The final grade will consist of the compilation of the following:

            Class participation 10%
Weekly Quizzes     20%
Midterm Exam       30%
Final Exam             40%


Ground Rules

Students who must be absent should contact the professor in advance of the class if at all possible, and are required to be caught up with the rest of the class within two weeks at latest. Assignments should be returned on time, but no more than one week late. Students must be present for the two exams. In case of health related emergencies, arrangements may be made to write the exams later, at a time convenient to the professor, but no more than ten days after the scheduled time for the exams.



Week One

January 27, 2005       Review of Learnings in Part I
Chapter Seventeen: Aorist and Future Passive Indicative
Scripture Reading in Greek 

Week Two

February 3, 2005       Chapter Eighteen: Third Declension: Liquid & Mute Stem

Chapter Nineteen: Vowel Stem & Neuter Nouns
Scripture Reading in Greek

Week Three 

February 10, 2005     Review
Chapter Twenty: Present & Future Participles
Scripture Reading in Greek

Week Four

February 17, 2005    Review
Chapter Twenty One: Aorist, Active & Middle Participles
Scripture Reading in Greek  

Week Five

February 24, 2005    Review
Chapter Twenty Two: Aorist Passive Participles
Scripture Reading in Greek  

Week Six

March 3, 2005          Review                                    
Chapter Twenty Three: Present and Pluperfect Tenses

Scripture Reading in Greek

Week Seven

March 10, 2005         Review
Midterm Exam
Chapter Twenty Four: Subjunctive Mood
Scripture Reading in Greek  

Week Eight

March 17, 2005         Review
Chapter Twenty Five: Imperative Mood
                                Scripture Reading in Greek

Week Nine



Week Ten

March 31, 2005           Review
Chapter Twenty Six: Contract Verbs
Chapter Twenty Seven: Pronouns 

Week Eleven

April 7, 2005              Review
Chapter Twenty Eight: Irregular Adverbs & Adjectives

 Week Twelve

April 14, 2005            Review
Chapter Twenty Nine: Special Verbs
Scripture Reading in Greek                                     

Week Thirteen 

April 21, 2005           Review
Chapter Thirty: The Article
Scripture Reading in Greek  

Week Fourteen

April 28, 2005          Chapter Thirty One: Infinitive

Reading Schedule: The student should read through the chapter/s listed above in advance of class.

Assignment Due Dates: (as listed above)

Weekly memorization and quizzes.
Weekly translation assignments.
Two short exams: one on Week Seven (March 10th) and one at final class (April 28th).  


Required Texts:

1.  Title: Essentials of New Testament Greek
     Author: Ray Summers, revised by Thomas Sawyer
     Publisher:  Broadman and Holman, Nashville Tennessee, 1995
     ISBN: 0-8054-1001-5

 2. Title: (Nestle-Aland) Novum Testamentum Graece  
   Editors: Eberhardt and Erwin Nestle, Kurt Aland
    current publisher: American Bible Society 2001
    ISBN 3438051087  
    (original publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart 1898, 1979
    and ISBN: 3438051001)

3. Title:  Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament
    Prepared by:  Barclay M. Newman, Jr.
    Publisher: American Bible Society 1971


Suggested Additional Texts

1. Title:  Mastering Greek Vocabulary, Second Revised Edition
Author: Thomas A. Robinson
    Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Peabody Mass. 1990, 1991.
    ISBN: 0-943575-45-1

2. Title: A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament
Prepared by: Editrice Pontifico Istituto Biblio
    Roma, Italy 1996
    ISBN: 88-7653-588-8

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