Academic Programs 



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January Intersession

Realities of Chaplaincy in Various Settings (AM-656) with Ahmed Nezar Kobeisy

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (CM-650) with Yehezkel Landau


Doctor of Ministry

D.Min. Colleague Seminar I  (DM-711) with Cynthia A. Woolever

D.Min. Colleague Seminar II (DM-721) with David A. Roozen

Ministry Project Colloquium (DM-795) with F. Maner Tyson

Master of Arts

Reclaiming the Art of Preaching  (AM-750) with Benjamin K. Watts

Accountability: Business and Non-Profit Ethics in a World of Globalization (ET-535) with Worth Loomis and Michael Rion

Major Historical Figures: Edward Said (HI-640) with Ibrahim Abu-Rabi

Islam in America and Western Europe  (HI-665) with Jane I. Smith

A History of Jewish Christian (Mis) Understanding (HI-691) with Rabbi Stephen Fuchs

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Part II (LG-571) with Levana Polate

Introduction to Arabic, Part II (LG-598) with Steven Blackburn

Intermediate Arabic, Part II (LG-651) with Steven Blackburn

Introduction to New Testament Greek, Part II  (LG-562) with Doreen McFarlane

Religion and Art: The Resonance between Religious and Aesthetic Experience  (RS-655) with Stephen Holmes

New Testament Survey (SC-531) with Efrain Agosto

Leadership in the New Testament: A Case Study Approach (SC-675) with Efrain Agosto

The Hebrew Prophets: Grounding for Faith and Ministry (SC-680) with Yehezkel Landau

Thinking about Religion in the 21st Century (TH-520) with Heidi Hadsell

Theology of Popular Culture (TH-550) with Kelton Cobb

‘Is This To Be Believed?’: Religion and Conspiracy Theories (
TH-610) with Ian Markham

Urban Mission in the 21st Century (TH-658) with Rod Garner

Maidservants of Allah: The Spirituality of Muslim Women (WS-630) with Ingrid Mattson

Spirituality and Work (WS-650) with Karen Manz

Holiness in Time and Space: A Jewish Approach to Spirituality (WS-623) with Yehezkel Landau

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