Academic Programs 

Spirituality and Work   (WS-650)
Winter/Spring 2005

Can one’s spirituality make a difference at work? This course addresses this question by examining the spirituality in the workplace movement and the developing field of management, spirituality and religion. Management readings, class exercises, and guest speakers will address pertinent subjects including personal values and authenticity, leadership, teamwork, and working with change. In particular, spiritual virtues will be used as a focus for reflection, analysis and processing of personal work and life experiences. The objective will be to learn how to better relate one’s spiritual perspective with the demands of work. 


Meeting Day, Time and Dates: 
Thursdays from 4:30-6:50 p.m. beginning January 27th

Karen Manz
Adjunct Professor of Spirituality

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9500


Course Syllabus

I am pleased to be teaching this course for the first time at Hartford Seminary.  I am a writer and speaker in the area of spirituality and work life and have addressed numerous audiences across the U.S. including executive development, religious groups and academics. I co-developed an MBA course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst based upon the book, The Wisdom of Solomon at Work: Virtues for Living and Leading Today.  Two of my co-authors, who are management professors, are among the guest speakers for this course. I am looking forward to sharing my learning and experiences from the many places being energized about spirituality and work life.


Course Texts:

Jane Henry, Creativity and Perception in Management, Sage Publishers

October 2003 special issue on Faith at Work,  Theology Today  (journal).

Charles Manz, Karen Manz, Robert Marx, and Christopher Neck, The Wisdom of Solomon at Work: Ancient Virtues for Living and Leading Today, Berrett-Koehler

Louie Lariner, Ethical Virtuosity, HRD Press

Max DePree, Leadership is an Art, Dell Publishing

Ian Mitroff, A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, Jossey-Bass Publishers


Objective of the Course:

The primary objective will be to learn how to better relate one’s spiritual values with the demands of work—whether you are self-employed, work for a large or small company  or are in a non-profit organization, volunteer your time or work at home.


Course Requirements:

1.      Five 1-2 pp. reflection papers  (5 points each)                25 points
2. 10-12 pp. paper based upon personal reflection papers        20 points      
Due March 31  
3.   Class participation*                                                        25 points  
4.   5-page Case Study                                                        30 points   Due May 12

*Class participation includes case analyses, group/team exercises and discussion. 


Weekly Schedule of Topics and Readings

                                                                                      Reading for discussion:

JAN. 27            Introduction to Course                             Creativity and Perception                         How do YOU define spirituality?                   In Mgmt (CPM), chap. 1

FEB. 3             Spirituality in the Workplace              Theology Today pp. 293-407;                         Reflection paper #1 due                               CPM, chap. 4

FEB. 10            What Do You Know?                             The Wisdom of Solomon;                         Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert Marx              CPM, chap. 5                         Associate Professor of Management, 
University of Massachusetts Amherst  

Author of The Wisdom of Solomon  
                        Reflection paper #2 due                         

FEB. 17            Working with Values and Virtues                      CPM, chap. 3;
Reflection paper #3 due                                        Handouts

FEB. 24            Team Work                                                       CPM, chap. 6
Reflection paper #4 due

MAR 3            Take this job and….                                           CPM, chap. 2
Reflection paper #5 due

MAR 10            Leadership                                                        CPM, chap. 7
            Guest Speaker: Dr. Charles Manz
Nirenberg Professor of Leadership
            University of Massachusetts Amherst,
Author of The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus: Practical Lessons for

MAR 17            Ethics and You—and Them                             Ethical Virtuosity

MAR 24            BREAK—NO CLASS 

MAR 31            A Case in Point                                              CPM, chap. 8;
            PAPER DUE                                             
Business Case Handout

APR 7             And the Moral of the Story is….                    Leadership is an Art  
chapters 9 & 10

APR 14            Virtues in Organizations: An Oxymoron?
Guest Speaker: Dr. Judith Neal,
Associate Professor of Management at the University of New Haven
                       and Executive Director for the Association of Spirit at Work,

APR 21            The Challenges of Spirituality in                   A Spiritual Audit                        Organizations                                                of Corporate America

APR 28            FINAL CLASS: Creativity, Collage, and a Final Word

MAY 12            CASE STUDY DUE

Hartford Seminary  77 Sherman Street  Hartford, CT  06105   860-509-9500