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January Intersession

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (DI-650) with Yehezkel Landau

Contemporary Islam: Reform and Discontent (TH-664) with Ziauddin Sardar

Transition and Democracy: Human Rights, Economics & the Role of the Church in China and Hong Kong (TS-651) Summer Travel Seminar


Ministry in Daily Life (AM-525) with J. Alan McLean

Victim Care: Issues for Clergy and Faith-Based Counselors (AM-639) with Benjamin Watts

True Confessions: A Study in Practical Theology (AM-637) with James Nieman

D.Min. Colleague Seminar I (DM-711) with Cynthia Woolever

D.Min. Colleague Seminar II (DM-721) with David Roozen

Ministry Project Colloquium (DM-795) with F. Maner Tyson

Theological Ethics and the Personal Life (ET-545) with Heidi Gehman

Introduction to Islamic Law (ET-640) with Ingrid Mattson

Religion and Protest (HI-655) with Mark Oppenheimer

Introduction to New Testament Greek, Part II (LG-562) with Doreen McFarlane

Introduction to Arabic, Part II (LG-598) with Steven Blackburn

Intermediate Arabic, Part II (LG-651) with Steven Blackburn

Religion in the 21st Century (MA-520) with Heidi Hadsell

The Religious Experience of Indigenous People (RS-615) with Kevin Ward

Flea Market Jesus: Popular Religion and American Individualism (RS-620) with Arthur Farnsley II

Women, Religion and the Future of USA Churches (RS-661) with Adair Lummis

Hebrew Bible Survey II (SC-520) with Uriah Kim

Reading Scripture Through Jewish Eyes: From Creation Through Sinai (SC-641) with Stephen Fuchs

New Testament Survey (SC-531) with Efrain Agosto

Engaging the Book of Genesis: The Text in the Context of Our Own Lives (SC-625) with Yehezkel Landau

Modern Theology (TH-541) with Ian Markham

Christian-Muslim Relations: The Theological Dimension (TH-663) with Jane Smith

Women's Leadership and Spirituality II (WS-553)with Miriam Therese Winter

Islamic Spirituality (WS-639) with Steven Blackburn

Daily Space with God: The Practices of Personal Devotion in Mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Evangelical Traditions (WS-659) with Ian Markham

Living Liturgy (WS-667) with Miriam Therese Winter

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