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  Feminist Theological Ethics     (ET-625-2)
Summer 2003

This course is a survey of Christian feminist ethics, beginning in the early 1970ís and moving to the present.  A central contribution of feminist ethics has been the recognition that moral theory is inseparable from practice.  This contribution itself is a theoretical claim that will be examined in this course.  The course will trace this development from white middle-class feminist ethics through the struggle to shape an ethic that is inclusive of the Womanist and liberationist perspectives

Meeting Day, Time and Dates: 
June 23 - 27, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Heidi Hadsell
Professor of Social Ethics and President of Hartford Seminary

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9502

Course Syllabus

This syllabus has not yet been submitted.  However, please refer to the book list below for required textbooks:

  • Feminist Theology/Christian Ethics, in search of method, Pamela Dickey Young, Fortress Press, 1990  
  • Sisters in the Wilderness, The Challenges of Womanist God-Talk, Delores Williams, Orbis Books, 1993   
  • Katie Cannon, Womanism and the Soul of the Black Community, Continuum, 1995   
  • In Memory of Her, A Feminist Theological Reconstruction of Christian Origins, Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Crossroad, 1983   
  • Longing for Running Water, Ecofemism and Liberation, Ivone Gebara, Fortress Press, 1999    


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