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Summer 2003

Pathways to Renewal:  The Role and Purpose of the Retreat, AM-655-3 ,with Joseph Baxer

Eternal Questions:  Teaching Adults Basic Christian Beliefs, AM-645-3, with Joseph Callahan and James Robertson

Islamic Mysticism and Muslim Devotional Life and Practice, IS-638-4, Alwi Shihab

Urgent Longings:  A Course in Spiritual Theology, TH-560-2, with William Newell

Effective Church Management, AM-615-3, with Speed Leas

Improving the Worship Experience:  Theology and Music, AM-530-3, with Ian Markham and Eric Tebbett

The Qur'an and Its Place in Muslim Life and Society, IS-620-4, with Ingrid Mattson

Building Spiritual Gift Ministry Teams, AM-620-3, with Brett Snowden

Feminist Theological Ethics, ET-625-2, with Heidi Hadsell

The Parables of Jesus and the Imaginative Dimension of Scripture, SC-630-1, with Wayne Rollins

Christian Diversity:  Curse or Promise, TH-655-2, with Gareth Jones

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