Academic Programs 

 Congregational Studies Institute (AM-775)  
Summer 2004

More than ever before, understanding congregational life is vital to those who care about the future of congregations - clergy, lay leaders, denominational and regional staff, theologians, sociologists, and others. Hartford Seminary’s religion research faculty offer a unique educational event combining hands-on exploration in congregations and current research in an intensive six-day program. A stimulating mix of teachers and participants from different social, cultural, and religious perspectives allows field groups to compare the dynamics of several congregations. Learning and reflection is enriched by the group’s diversity and by conversations about current research, plenary sessions, and web resources. Also included will be participatory study of local congregations and interviews in their local communities. Enrollment is limited, so act quickly. 

Meeting Day, Time and Dates:
Thursday, June 24 – Tuesday, June 29


Director: Carl S. Dudley
Professor Emeritus of Church and Community

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