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Summer 2004 COURSES

The Future of Christianity:  The Need for Radical Transformation (TH-695) with John Shelby Spong

Jesus and the Christian Life Today (SC-650) with Marcus Borg

Practical Stewardship and Fundraising for Religious Leaders (AM-690) with Ronald Lundeen

Congregational Studies Institute (AM-775) directed by Carl Dudley

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (CM-650) with Yehezkel Landau

Rituals and Responsibilities of Muslim Leaders in America (WS-601) Muhammad Nur Abdullah

The Art of Spiritual Direction (WS-625) with Cathleen Murtha

Contemporary Issues in the Modern Muslim World (RS-676) with Ibrahim Abu-Rabi'

Psalms and the Negro Spiritual (SC-538) with Judy Fentress-Williams

The Gospel According to John and Johnannine Literature (SC-575) with Wayne Rollins

The Attributes of God and the Purpose of Creation: Readings in the Islamic Theology (TH-646) with Ingrid Mattson

Learning from Others: Sorting Out Your Theology in an Interfaith Environment (TH-690) with Ian Markham and Keith Ward

Interreligious Dialogue: The Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona (RS-605) with Heidi Hadsell

Transitions and Crisis:  Human Rights, Economics and the Role of the Church in China (TH-621) with Robert Evans

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