Academic Programs 


Summer 2005 Course Websites & Syllabi

Visit the following web pages for information on course meeting dates, faculty, and the syllabus.

The Best Laid Plans: Organizational Development for Faith Communities  (AM-616) with Ronald Lundeen

Becoming Agents of Reconciliation in Congregations and Communities (AM-626) with Robert A. Evans and Alice Frazer Evans 

Is There Such a Thing?: The Spirituality of Teenagers (AM-695) with Robert Clement

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (CM-650) with Yehezkel Landau

United Church of Christ History, Theology and Polity Summer Institute (HI-565/HI-566)

Is Religion in Trouble?: Parameters of Faith in the Modern World (RS-610) with Grace Davie

Evangelicalism in America (RS-685) with Tony Campolo

The Qur’an and Its Place in Muslim Life and Society (SC-621) with Ingrid Mattson

The Bible and the Habits of the Soul: Psychological Perspectives on Scripture (SC-660) with Wayne Rollins

Interreligious Dialogue: Challenge and Opportunities (TH-662) with Hans Ucko

Major Religious Figures: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (TH-681) with Ibrahim Abu-Rabi'

Turkey: Faith, History and Physical Beauty  (TS-600)

Indonesia: Democracy and Development in an Interfaith Context (TS-650)


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