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Summer 2006 Course Websites & Syllabi

Visit the following web pages for information on course meeting dates, faculty, and the syllabus.

Integrating Science and Spirituality: Theological Challenges for the 21st Century (WS-692) with Diarmuid O'Murchu

Megachurches (RS-686) with Scott Thumma 

Informing Congregational Ministry: Intersections of Theology, Social Science, and History (AM-611) with James Nieman

Becoming Agents of Reconciliation in Congregations, Communities, and Countries: Lessons from the United States, South Africa, and Indonesia (AM-626) with Robert A. Evans, Alice Frazer Evans, and Paul Verryn

The Two Horizons: Being a Pastor-Scholar for Today (AM-730) with The Rev. Dr. Canon Martyn Percy  

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (DI-650) with Yehezkel Landau 

Contemporary Islamic Ethics (ET-655) with Ingrid Mattson

Marriage, Family, Sexuality: The Theology and Ethics of Relationship (ET-620) with Heidi Gehman

Understanding Islam: Rumor and Reality (RS-515) with Jane I. Smith

Matthew, Mark and Luke: The Synoptic Gospels (SC-540) with Wayne Rollins

Are We All Bound for Heaven?: Christian Theology and Other Religions (TH-635) with Dale Bishop

The Art of Spiritual Direction (WS-625) with Cathleen Murtha

Rituals and Responsibilities of Muslim Leaders in America
(WS-601) with Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah

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