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Summer 2007 Course Websites & Syllabi

Visit the following web pages for information on course meeting dates, faculty, and the syllabus.


Jesus for the Non Religious: Seeking the Divine in the Heart of the Human (TH-696)  with John Shelby Spong

Becoming Effective Leaders: Models and Inspiration from History and Today (AM-686) with Gilbert I. Bond

Changing Our Perception of God: Environmentalism and Justice (TH-659) with Yvonne Gebara

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (DI-650) with Yehezkel Landau

Building Abrahamic Partnerships II (DI-651) with Yehezkel Landau

Institute for Pastors and Pastoral Workers on Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (DI-660) with the faculty of Hartford Seminary, Georgetown University, and Howard University

Theology and Ethics: A Case Method Approach (ET-645) with Robert A. Evans and Alice Frazer Evans

United Church of Christ History, Theology and Polity Institute (HI-576) with Kent Siladi and Barbara Brown Zikmund

Introduction to Arabic Phonology and Script (LG-580) with Steve Blackburn

Understanding Congregations (RS-541) with Scott Thumma

Max Weber: Understanding Religion and the World (RS-652) with Basit Koshul

Avoiding Denominational Decline (RS-656) with Adair Lummis

The Gospel of John and Johannine Literature (SC-575) with Wayne Rollins

The Qur’an and Its Place in Muslim Life and Society (SC-621) with Ingrid Mattson

Improving the Worship Experience: Theology and Music (WS-530) with Eric Tebbett and Ian Markham

Rituals and Responsibilities of Muslim Leaders in America (WS-601) with Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah


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