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Greetings from the Interim Academic Dean

ScottIt is my pleasure to introduce you to the faculty of Hartford Seminary.  As you scroll through the faculty profiles and click the links or photos, you will meet an extraordinary group of people.

Among them, you will find world-renowned scholars, powerful preachers, creative thinkers, compassionate counselors, community organizers, spiritual enablers, and outstanding teachers.  You will also see that this faculty is diverse in terms of race and ethnicity, age, gender, religious perspectives, educational experiences, and international backgrounds.  But, as different as each member is, they are uniformly committed to Hartford Seminary’s historic and progressive scholarship and teaching in leadership development and practice of ministry, interfaith dialogue, and Islamic studies and Christian-Muslim relations.

Please learn more about us through this website, but I hope you get to know us in person.


Scott Thumma, Ph.D.
Academic Dean

Core Faculty

Najib Awad

Associate Professor of Christian Theology

David D. Grafton

Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations

Deena Grant

Associate Professor of Jewish Studies

Heidi Hadsell


Seyfeddin Kara

Assistant Professor of Shi’i Studies and Relations between Islamic Schools of Thought

Yahya Michot

Professor of Islamic Thought and Christian-Muslim Relations

Shanell T. Smith

Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins

Scott Thumma

Interim Academic Dean

Timur Yuskaev

Associate Professor of Contemporary Islam

Faculty Associates

Mahmoud Ayoub

Faculty Associate in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Steven Blackburn

Faculty Associate in Semitic Scriptures

Brian Clark

Faculty Associate in World Christianity

Adair Lummis

Faculty Associate in Research

Lucinda Mosher

Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies

Michael Piazza

Faculty Associate in Congregational Renewal

Donna Schaper

Faculty Associate in Religious Leadership

Benjamin Watts

Faculty Associate in Religion and Community Life

Miriam Therese Winter

Faculty Associate in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality

Visiting Professors

Erica J. Dollhopf

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion and Society

Allison Norton

Visiting Assistant Professor of World Christianity and Religious Studies and Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow

Adjunct Faculty

 Emeritus Faculty

Anthony Bennett
M.Div. (Union Theological Seminary); D.Min. (United Theological Seminary); Urban Ministry, Black Ministries Program

Shelley D. Best
M.A. (Hartford Seminary); M.Div. (Yale Divinity School); D.Min. (Hartford Seminary); Ethics, Black Ministries Program

Lisa Clayton
M.A. (University of Connecticut); Worship, Black Ministries Program

Vada Crosby
M.A. (Hartford Seminary); Communication, Black Ministries Program

Elizabeth Dreyer
M.A. (Xavier University); Ph.D. (Marquette University); Theology, Graduate Programs

Edward Duffy
M.A. (Columbia University); M.Div. (Princeton Theological Seminary); Ph.D. (Graduate Theological Foundation); New Testament Greek, Graduate Programs

Talal Eid
M.A. (Harvard University); Th.D. (Harvard University); Arts of Ministry, Graduate Programs

Susan Fowler
M.Div. (Yale Divinity School); S.T.M. (Yale Divinity School); Ph.D. (Graduate Theological Foundation); Worship and Spirituality, Graduate Programs

Larry A. Golemon
M.Div. and S.T.M. (Yale Divinity School); Th.M. (Columbia Theological Seminary); Ph.D. (Emory University), Arts of Ministry, Graduate Programs

Celene Ibrahim
M.A. (Brandeis University); M.Div. (Harvard Divinity School); Ph.D. (Brandeis University); Worship and Spirituality, Graduate Programs

Molly James
M.Div. (Yale Divinity School); Ph.D. (University of Exeter); Theology and Ethics, Graduate Programs

Alvan Johnson
M.Div. and D.Min. (Boston University School of Theology); Theology, Black Ministries Program

Hooman Keshavarzi
M.S. (Argosy University); Arts of Ministry, Graduate Programs

Suheil Laher
M.A. (Boston University); Ph.D. (Harvard University); Language and Sacred Scriptures, Graduate Programs

William McKinney
M.A. and M.Div. (Hartford Seminary); Ph.D. (The Pennsylvania State University); Religion and Society, Graduate Programs

Umar Moghul
M.A. (University of Pennsylvania); J.D. (Temple University); Theology and Ethics, Graduate Programs

Lawrence Peers
M.A. (Antioch University); M.T.S. (Boston University); D.Min. (Hartford Seminary); Ed.D. (Pepperdine University); Arts of Ministry, Graduate Programs

Wayne G. Rollins
B.D. (Yale Divinity School), M.A., Ph.D. (Yale University); Scripture, Graduate Programs

Ermin Sinanovic
M.A. (Syracuse University), Ph.D. (Syracuse University); Religion and Society, Graduate Programs

C. L. Stallworth
M.Div. (Vanderbilt University Divinity School); D.Min. (United Theological Seminary); Theological Ethics, Black Ministries Program

Cheryl Thomas
M.S. (Polytechnic University); M.Div. (Union Theological Seminary); Christian Education, Black Ministries Program


  • Clifford J. Green
  • Wadi’ Z. Haddad
  • Jane I. Smith

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