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Imam and Muslim Community Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Imam and Muslim Community Leadership (24 Credits)

The aim of this program is to support the structured continuing education of a range of key Muslim community leaders in the American context, deepening their awareness of Islamic Theology and Spirituality, Islamic Ethics, Advanced Islamic Scripture, American Muslim Communities, Interfaith Encounter and Arts of Ministry.

Six courses covering the six areas listed above to be determined in consultation with the student’s Academic Advisor. 18 credits

Reflection on Ministry Experience (GC-560) 3 credits
Clinical Pastoral Education 3 credits

Clinical Pastoral Education: All students are required to take one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). When the student has completed the unit of CPE, he/she must submit an Advanced Standing petition to the Academic Policy Committee which requests three credits and include a copy of his/her CPE certificate. No tuition is charged by the Seminary for CPE.

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