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Contemporary Islamic Thought (RS-572)

This course introduces students to major concepts, trends, and issues in contemporary Islamic thought. It historicizes and analyzes the Muslim encounter with modernity and the various intellectual trends this encounter has spawned, since mid-19th century until present times. Major concepts include: tawīd (oneness of God), tajdīd (renewal), ilāḥ (reform), ijtihād (intellectual effort; reasoning), khilāfah (vicegerency), shūrā (consultation), and Ummah (global Muslim community). Special attention will be given to contemporary Islamic revival and reform, rise of Islamic movements, and their impact on Islamic thought. Finally, the course will introduce and assess major intellectual, political, and religious trends in contemporary Islamic thought: traditionalism, Salafism, Islamism, and intellectual reformism.

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Ermin Sinanović


Fall 2018

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