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Cosmic Spirit, Planetary Spirituality (WS-643)

This course will wrestle with contemporary issues and perennial themes from the perspective of an emerging cosmology that is affecting life on planet Earth far more than we realize. Together we will explore how transformative energies are redefining our approach to the Sacred, challenging us to see in the wisdom of the ancients how we might develop new paths of our own in these tumultuous times. The 20th century theologian Pierre Charles offers this encouragement: “Like the root which runs towards the center of the earth, hiding itself that it may be more useful and be able to nourish better, drawn by the mysterious power which is its law, and becoming more strongly attached the longer it advances – thus it is that I should be; winning each day nearer to the deep of God, sinking more into Truth and Justice, attaching myself more and more, through all my actions
and all my desires, without weakness and without wavering, to the Eternal which feeds us.”

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Miriam Therese Winter


Fall 2017

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