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Enduring Question: How Do We End Violence? (ET-615)

The challenge of violence has been a human question since the beginning of our existence.  The story of Cain and Abel is seminal in three of the major religious traditions of the west, and the Hindu story of the Bhagavad Gita has been one of the most influential texts of the eastern world.  The current world presents us daily with terrorism, murders, often massacres or kidnappings of children, the innocents of our world.  The current world also continues in its racism, oppressive regimes, and genocidal actions.  Despite ongoing attempts to heal humanity, the question persists:  How do we end violence?   Responses to this question have come from many different disciplines including criminal justice, human rights, peace studies, religious studies, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and medicine.  In this course we will examine how pioneers from these various fields have helped clarify the nature of violence, and what kinds of solutions they can propose to help us rid the world of this disease.

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Fall 2016

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