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World Christianity I: Reformations and Transformations (HI-520)

This course explores the history of Christianity in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas from 1450 to 1800. During these centuries, Christianity was transformed as Christians encountered alien cultures, debated with other faiths, colonized new continents, were driven from ancient heartlands, and experienced Reformations, Enlightenments, revolutions, and wars.  During this course, we will engage with important Western figures, but we will also meet a host of other Christians who have been excluded from conventional, Eurocentric histories.  Designed to be accessible to those without prior background in the History of Christianity, this course will provide historical grounding for further study of Christianity and of the relations between Christians and those of other faiths. This course is designed as the first of a two-course sequence, but either course can be taken independently.

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Brian Clark


Spring 2020

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