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“Holy Power, Holy Presence: The Holy Spirit in Christian Tradition” (HI-615)

The elusive Holy Spirit —  power, grace, God, third person of the Trinity, dove, fire, breath, wind, Comforter, healing balm; Confirmation, Pentecost, inspiration of the prophets. Taking an historical/theological approach, we begin with the biblical tradition on the Spirit; explore the current pneumatological conversation from an ecumenical, international and contextual perspective; examine texts on the Holy Spirit by six medieval figures – three women and three men; ending with the recent development of global Pentecostalism.  The course explores why the Holy Spirit has been neglected, and how theologies of the Spirit are best understood with reference to the doctrine of the Trinity. Students are invited to identify their own theologies of the Spirit and to reflect on how it functions in personal spirituality and ministerial settings. Meeting dates: Five Thursdays: February 6, 27; March 20; April 10; May 1 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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Winter/Spring 2014

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