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Introduction to the Sciences of Shi’i Hadith (SC-528)

The Sciences of Hadith (pl. Ahadith) in the traditional realm of Islamic Scholarship are many diverse sciences which can be classified into one, these sciences are all pertaining to one thing and one thing alone namely
the safeguarding and authenticity of religious scripture; whilst the hadith are not part of the Qur’an according to all classical schools of Islamic theology- they carry the same weight.

The sciences of Hadith serve as unique because they highlight that whilst others attempt to gather as much information about and from their Prophetic figures as possible, the Muslims were concerned with minute
details such as compiling as much information about people who merely transmitted the statements of and about their Prophetic figures to ensure a degree of rigour in authenticating religion.

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Sayed Ammar Nakhjavani


Summer 2016

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