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Muslim Life through Fatwâs, Ancient and Modern (RS-630)

Legal opinions issued by Muslim scholars relate to all individual and collective aspects of the material and spiritual life of the believers who ask for them. When used with an appropriate methodology, they offer great avenues, sometimes even amazing ones, to explore the everyday realities and interrogations of Muslim societies, past and present. Coffee, tobacco, cannabis, opium and other drugs, music, dance, trance and sex, marginality, extremism and violence, pious practices and social conventions, relations with non-Muslims and jihâd are among the topics considered in this course. Mamlûk, Ottoman and modern sources (both from books and the internet) will be read and commented on. No knowledge of Arabic is required for this course. A basic knowledge of Islam and the history of Muslim societies would be useful.

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Yahya Michot


Summer 2017

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