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Non-Denominational Reality (AM-682)

The Bridge, Crossroad, Brook, Catalyst, Vision and the Rock… All are churches but what denomination? What tradition?  You have to visit them to uncover that they are nondenominational.  And what does that even mean?  This course will tackle that question and others.  Nondenominational Churches are one of the fastest growing segments of the American religious reality.  Over 10 percent of all US churches are no longer associated with a denomination, and many more are straining to remove themselves from their denominational ties, labels and negative baggage.  We will explore this phenomenon with brand new 2020 national survey research, case studies and visits to churches.  The course will also unpack what makes these churches so appealing and what your congregation can learn from this growing reality to make your place in this religious landscape more vital and effective.

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Scott Thumma


Summer 2020

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