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Nonprofit Reality (RS-608)

Nonprofit organizations have a longstanding relationship with religion. Many religious organizations – including denominations and congregations – are registered as nonprofits; in addition, the faith-based nonprofit sector has grown dramatically since the beginning of the 21st century. Moreover, religious organizations frequently collaborate with nonprofit organizations in order to partner on community initiatives, such as operating a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Whether one plans to work directly for a nonprofit or interact with one, it is valuable to understand how nonprofits are structured, operate, and fit into the broader U.S. organizational landscape. This course will examine the key aspects of the U.S. nonprofit sector and nonprofit organizations, including structure, management, and operations, with a particular focus on the implications of nonprofit registration for faith-based organizations.  In addition, the course will cover applied aspects of nonprofits, including the nonprofit founding process, nonprofit leadership, and nonprofit tax laws and forms.

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Erica J. Dollhopf


Summer 2020

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