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Practical Kabbalah: Jewish Mysticism, Meditation, and Morality (WS-624)

This course will explore various aspects of Jewish spirituality and their interconnection: how mystical interpretations of the Hebrew Bible (in the Zohar) influence our understanding of Scripture; how the observance of commandments relates to the interior life of the heart and soul; theoretical and practical aspects of Kabbalah, including meditative exercises; and the implications of Jewish mysticism for tikkun olam, the mending of our broken world. How these insights might impact on Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations will also be addressed—are there affinities on the mystical level that can be tapped for interreligious peacemaking? (Note: To get the most out of this course, WS-623 Holiness in Time and Space: An Introduction to Jewish Tradition and Spirituality or a similar introduction to Jewish spirituality is highly recommended.)

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Yehezkel Landau


Fall 2014

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