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Prison Ministry: Healing From the Inside Out (AM-659)

He said, “My Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me. And if You do not avert from me their plan, I might incline toward them and [thus] be of the ignorant.” (Joseph, 12:33) This course will examine the historical, social, psychological and theological implications of incarceration in America, with a particular emphasis on ministry to women and men in these settings. Looking at the industrial prison complex through the analytical tool of intersectionality, we will analyze how race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, and age operate not as discrete and mutually exclusive issues, but build on each other and work together in prisons. These interconnections in prison ministry are examined in relation to your praxis of care across domains of power, namely, structural, disciplinary, cultural, and interpersonal. Understanding the complexities of addiction, professional boundaries, correctional policies and procedures, inmate recidivism, and the particular challenges facing those who want to do ministry in our prisons. Persons engaged in religious leadership and service of all types, including pastors, imams, chaplains and the regular congregational member who cares and gives care will be interested in this important course.

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January 2019

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