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Reading Classical Islamic Texts (in Arabic): Spirituality (WS-652)

This high level course offers an in-depth exploration of the prose or poetry of some of the central spiritual masters of classical lslam: Ka‘b b. Zuhayr, al-Hallâj, al-Ghazâlî, ‘Abd al-Qâdir al- Jîlânî, Ibn al-Fârid, Mehmed Pîr ‘Alî Birgivi. Key texts will be read in the original Arabic, translated orally, explained grammatically, commented on ideologically, and discussed, by the students as well as by the professor. A good knowledge of Classical Arabic is required to maximize the learning in this course. Bibliographical references will be provided.

If you are not enrolled in a degree program but wish to register for this course, use the Online Registration for Special Students and Auditors.


Yahya Michot


January 2016

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