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“She Did That!”: Women’s Agency in New Testament Texts (SC-635)

The depiction of women in New Testament texts…well, for many, it just ain’t right! And with its ongoing influence on the lives of women today it’s time we set the record straight. One may perceive that there are but two types of women presented – good or evil, pure or impure, wife or whore, and so on. There doesn’t seem to be any ambiguity…but is there? Beauty – feminine beauty – is in the eye of the interpreter. Is a woman with initiative a bad thing? Is a woman who “stays in her place” a good thing? Let’s talk about it! We will do a critical examination of select biblical texts that capture the dynamic function of women and gender. We will consider the ancient socio-cultural context, and also engage contemporary malestream, feminist, and womanist interpretation. But don’t think you’re off the hook! You will be amazed at how much of yourself you will uncover in this class. Reading for women in texts written by men is sure to challenge some of our learned traditions and cultural assumptions about women. So who’s in?!

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Shanell T. Smith


Spring 2020

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