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Skills, Sensitivities, and Resources for Interfaith Leadership (DI-635)

This course is a laboratory for exploring theoretical perspectives and practical methodologies for interfaith leadership. The overarching questions to be addressed are: What are the attributes of an effective interfaith leader, and how can they be cultivated? Participants should have prior familiarity with the beliefs and practices of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as well as some background in interfaith encounter and dialogue. The primary focus is on developing relevant practical skills, including: facilitating interreligious encounters; monitoring group dynamics and multiple identities; comparing and connecting intra-faith and interfaith leadership challenges; planning and coordinating multi-faith study of sacred texts; designing interfaith worship; and tapping spiritual resources for conflict transformation.

NOTE: This course requires participants to take part in a weekly online meeting via Zoom, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. EDT each Thursday from May 23 to June 27. In the first two weeks, accommodations will be made for students observing Ramadan and ending their daily fast at sundown. Note, also, that this course is taught on an accelerated six-week schedule, covering twice as much material each week as would be the case in a semester-long course. 

If you are not enrolled in a degree program but wish to register for this course, use the Online Registration for Special Students and Auditors.


Yehezkel Landau


Summer 2019

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