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Spirituality and Practices of Asian Religions (WS-540)

This course is intended for students to be introduced to religious life and spirituality throughout Asia, with a focus on daily practices. One way to approach religion is through doctrinal, theological, or philosophical studies, but there should also be other paths toward understanding living religions through other ways of interpretation. For example, there are rituals, exercises, and asceticism, on the one hand, and symbolism, iconography and iconology, on the other, especially those experienced in people’s physical performances and practices. This course will emphasize in particular these latter approaches to understand the spirituality and practices of Asian religions. Each instructor is a specialist in one tradition of Korean, Chinese, or Japanese religions, and will introduce the class to not only scholarly reading materials, but also some material objects, images, or videos, and in some cases lead the students into an example of performance or practice to reach some understanding.

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Summer 2017

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