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Suffering, Theodicy, and Repentance: Interreligious Readings of Job and Jonah (DI-665)

Job and Jonah are probably the two most “unorthodox” books in the Hebrew Bible. Their principal characters try to make sense of experiences that do not fit the images of God presented in the other books. Moreover, these challenging portrayals evoke the existential questions we all must face, in our own lives and as pastoral counselors or religious educators: Is there any meaning in suffering, and can the pain or trauma be redeemed? How do we repent, and how might we invite others, including our leaders, to repent? How can we transform ourselves and our communities to be more in keeping with God’s promises and moral imperatives? Aiming at an inclusive, interreligious method of “practical exegesis,” the course will juxtapose Jewish interpretations with teachings from the Christian and Muslim traditions. (Replaces SC-626)

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Yehezkel Landau


Winter/Spring 2015

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