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Revealing Revelation (SC-618)

Yes, Revelation is a complex text, but it is also action-packed! It is full of imagery, visions of destruction, gender-bending, and God’s triumph over evil (to name a few). How do you think the first-century Christian inhabitants of Asia Minor may have heard or read this text? Modern New Testament scholars have tackled this question by analyzing this text in its first-century historical, social, political, and religious settings. We will explore this conversation. Do you think they got it right? We will also aim to situate the book of Revelation in our contemporary world by examining how it has been interpreted in other critical discourses such as feminist/womanist studies, masculinity studies and queer theory; liberation hermeneutics and postcolonial studies; and ecotheology and ecocriticism. Let’s reveal Revelation together!

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Shanell T. Smith


Spring 2019

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