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The Pauline Letters (SC-617)

The Apostle Paul. Legendary? Father of Christianity? A “man’s man?” A misogynist? Anti-Jewish? Who is he? What texts has he written, and why? For whom? Would Paul roll over in his grave if he knew that his texts are not only considered sacred, but also viewed as readily transferrable to contemporary times? That they are used as “proof texts” to justify the construction of social values and “norms”? To affirm or reject homosexuality, the creation of the “other,” views on marriage and divorce, and the ordination of women or women’s “place” in the world,” to name a few? These are just some of the questions we will tackle in this course employing critical methodologies such as historical, literary, rhetorical, and postcolonial criticisms, gender studies (including feminist theory, womanist biblical hermeneutics, and masculinity studies), and our own brains! Don’t be scared. Join me. I double dare you!!

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Shanell T. Smith


Spring 2020

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